The new EU regulation (EU) 2019/1020  calls for an intensification of market surveillance by the supervisory authorities from 16th of July 2021. However, the intensification of market surveillance can be seen immediately after the adoption of this regulation. Corresponding information was brought to us by some of our customers with the request for support. This prompted us to set up a password-protected portal.
The portal 24 will list all the measures of the surveillance authorities (Market authorities, Federal Network Agency,”Bundesnetzagentur”) that have been brought up to us in an anonymous form, both chronologically and product-related, and will be available to all interested customers

It is intended for all players in the entire supply chain of a product and should encourage them to report complaints from the supervisory authorities to the site operator so that we can publish them anonymously on our portal for the benefit of all interested parties.
Access to this portal will be free for existing and new customers. This portal is an important milestone in recognizing the priorities of the supervisory authorities and in developing devices in accordance with the applicable guidelines and regulations.

Besides that there will be given  informations about product depending guidelines and regulations.
At the same time, this portal is a very helpful tool for non-technical importers to identify key areas of market surveillance and to act accordingly to be in accordance with below mentioned regulations if applicable.


New Service-Portal 24    Market Surveillance


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Low Voltage Directive

EMC-Directive(electromagnetical compatibility)

RED Directive (Provision of radio equipment, includes also WIFI, Bluetooth-controls....)

ROHS-Directive (Hazardous substances in electro- and electronic appliances)

ERP (Ökodesign-Directive) (Environmentally friendly design of energy-related products)

Directive  Energy Labeling

Regulation for energy consumption labeling

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