Product and Document Verifications

Market conspicuities of products and damages caused by products are very often caused by the fact that imported products  no longer correspond to the originally (GS) certified devices and the contents of the associated test reports.

Der EU-Erstinverkehrbringer/Konformitätsverantwortliche  geht immer ein grosses (Rückruf-) Risiko ein, wenn eines seiner nicht verifizierten Produkte auffällig wird. Einmalige oder regelmässig stichprobenartig durchgeführte Verifizierungen verringern dieses Risiko nicht unerheblich.

The EU first-time distributor / person responsible for conformity always takes a large (recall) risk if one of its non-verified products becomes noticeable.One-off or regular random checks carry out a significant reduction in this risk.

Benefit from my many years of extensive test lab experience in creating and interpreting TRF’s, as well as product verifications for a lot of  well-known and large retailers.

Product verification is an essential and effective tool for minimizing market risks.


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