Not the electrical safety but reliability, handling, features, stability, appearance, expectations, ... are the key words when recommending. A recommendation is the most important and most effective point of view from the perspective of the manufacturer / dealer with regard to successful marketing
Both realistic handling and an objective assessment are the most important aspects.
You specify the number of households to be included in our exams. The results of these tests are recorded in writing and according to Your specified questionnaires prepared for you for your own further processing. The instructed participants are sensitized to create objective assessments and to adhere to the timely framework. The test subjects are remunerated in consultation with you.
Such product assessments are more realistic than costly FFU tests in the laboratory, even if long-term tests cannot be carried out in the available test periods. More and more manufacturers are using these alternative, cost-effective assessment measures that are carried out under more realistic conditions.
Alternatively, these user-friendliness tests can be subjected to a random safety mechanical check at a small additional charge (including a review of the operating instructions).
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Usability tests


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