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What do your buyers have to pay particular attention to?

The design must not be decisive

A marketability test includes much more aspects.

  • What documents should be requested in order to have them available when the market surveillance authorities ask?
  • What evidence should the production facility request or prove with regard to a qualitatively consistent manufacturing process?
  • What should you ask the manufacturer if the products have not been subjected to a certification process (e.g. GS certification), but the manufacturer's product conformity of the guidelines to be taken into account is only expressed by the CE marking?
  • What are the advantages of GS certifications or OEM certificates?
  • What is type certification in contrast to GS certification?
  • Should and can the manufacturer's own test reports be accepted, how should I deal with it and how should I check the correctness of the content?
  • How can one recognize product modifications (component changes, impermissible components) carried out by the manufacturer and minimize the associated risk of non-conformity as far as possible?
  • As an importer, what risk do I take to knowingly or unknowingly market products with non-verified component changes?
  • Which procedures or tools should one use with regard to product conformity to accept trustworthy manufacturers / exporters as suppliers?

 You should ask yourself these questions if you do not want to accept any unpredictable risks when marketing your products within the EU.


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